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Beauty Hacks for a Perfect Prom

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Prom Season is upon us! Some pre-prom planning strategies and a beauty plan of attack will ensure your prom is the best night ever.

Shop ahead of time. Make a master list of everything you need and then create a shopping list from there. Give yourself plenty of time in case there's something you have your heart set on that's harder to find or that has to be ordered. Take the stress out of prom prep by having your beauty supplies lined up early.

Carving out some time before Prom Night to test and try out your prom look is always ideal. You can run-through it yourself or invite friends over to join you. The more the merrier! A prep-party gives you and your besties a chance to do your hair and make-up together while sharing tips and tricks and to decide whether or not you’ll need to make any beauty-modifcations, hair style alterations or product purchases for the big night. Take some snapshots after your trial run too so you can be sure your look is perfectly on point for your prom night pictures! 

Here's a list of beauty hacks you can use before prom-night:

NAILS: Consider these tips to keep your DIY manicure looking magnificent.

Before brushing on your nail color, apply lip balm around your nail beds to keep the polish on your nails and away from your skin.

For more vibrant results, use a white base coat to make your nail color pop.

HAIR: Prep your hair so it’s prom-perfect!

The night before your event, wash your hair with a different shampoo than your usual. Clarifying shampoo works well to remove any product build up and will refresh the look and feel of your hair.

If you tend to frizz, dry your hair by wrapping it up with a cotton t-shirt instead of a towel. The fabric of t-shirts doesn’t produce the friction that a towel does which can help tame the tangle and the frizz.

SKIN: Healthy, hydrated skin not only looks great, it feels amazing too! Get your skin glowing with these simple steps.

Exfoliate! Face, arms, legs, shoulders…You’ll want your skin looking and feeling super-soft and smooth. If you’re skin is sensitive and might get red from exfoliation, you can do it the night before.

Gently brush your lips with a toothbrush to remove rough, dead skin BEFORE you put on your lipstick.

If you’re wearing a strapless dress, try contouring your collar bones for a slightly more body-dramatic look. Only use this trick if there’s no chance of a light colored dress accidentally getting make-up on it.

FEET: Don’t let new shoe syndrome keep you from dancing the night away. Try this simple trick to keep your toes tapping.

Avoid new shoe blisters by breaking in your heels before prom night. Wear thick socks with your heels and point the blow dryer toward the places that feel tight and stiff. Move your feet around in the shoes when the shoe is warm to break them in.

Here's the hacks you'll want to have the day or night of prom:


Use dry shampoo on your clean hair to give your hair some texture and your locks an extra lift. It will also help keep your braid and/or any up-do in place.

Pretty up your part by brushing some eye shadow (that matches the color of your hair) on your scalp. It’ll give your hair the illusion of being thicker.

If you’re using bobby pins, hairspray them right before you put them in your hair and they’ll stay in place all night.


Fake eyelashes can look even more flirty when you only apply half the lash toward the outside of your eye. Blend your real & fake lashes with a mascara brush for a naturally graduated look.

Use your hair drier to warm up your eyelash curler right before you curl. The heat will help set the bend.

For a thicker looking lash, use regular mascara first, then apply waterproof. Spoiler alert: It’ll be way easier to take off your mascara when the time comes.

Cream eyeshadow lasts longer than powder eyeshadow so consider a cream variety for your big night out!


To super-set your color, after you apply your lipstick, hold a tissue over your lips and dust over the tissue with translucent powder.


Check your makeup in other rooms with other light sources. You’ll be sure to catch any flaws you may have missed.

SETTING SPRAY:* NYX has small travel size bottles of setting spray to take with you. Spritz before you put on your makeup AND after AND spray again for a hydrating freshen up throughout the evening. NYX has setting sprays in for both a Dewy or Matte look.

BLOTTING PAPERS:* Be prepared to blot our any sweat or oil build up with face blotting papers. Just a few blots and you’re looking picture perfect again.

SELFIE LIGHT: It’s the night you’ve been waiting for all year, you’re going to be taking pictures with you and your besties! Pick up a simple clip on selfie light and toss it in your purse for the perfect shots of your big night out. Practice with it beforehand so you’re ready to light it up come prom night!

TEETH WIPES:* These are the simplest way to keep your pearly whites white, clean and fresh (even after your pre-prom party snacks).

LIPSTICK:* Make a statement with the lipstick you stash in your prom-purse. Winky-lux has fun, festive lipsticks (like Flower Balm & Glimmer Balm) that are sure to make you look and feel like the prom queen that you are!

FRAGRANCE:* Consider a simple travel size rollerball fragrance to keep yourself smelling sublime. Illume’s Go Be Lovely collection is the perfect prom purse accessory.

BANDAIDS: New shoe pain is real. And it can ruin a wonderful night! Even if you break in your new shoes before your night out, pack bandaids!

SAFETY PINS: A must for any special night out. If you don’t end up needing a safety pin, chances are you’ll save someone else’s night when they need one!

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